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IoT Catalyst Container

Our lightweight Container technology for your IoT Domain

Give birth to your Digital Twins, in a fully managed way

Thanks to the IoT Catalyst Container technology, it is possible to decouple the interfacing activity of your devices and assets from the higher elements of the IoT solution stack. In fact each IoT Studio Container encapsulates an IoT Catalyst Digital Thing (the IoT driver), providing a standard communication interface with the IoT Platforms or other legacy applications.

IoT Catalyst Container gives actual instantiation and execution of the IoT Catalyst Digital Things you have created. Putting it down simple : once you have designed your IoT Digital Things, you can actually use them to interface and "shadow" your devices, encapsulating them in IoT Catalyst Containers that will be responsible of the actual interfacing of the devices.

The IoT Catalayst Container's main task is infact to give actual execution of the driver contained in an IoT Catalyst Digital Thing, giving the capability to remotely manage from a browser the following tasks: the mount / unmount operations (i.e. the choice of the target IoT Catalyst Hypervisor), the start-up settings injection, the start / stop / restart operations, the visualization of logs and of real-time data and the access to the real time command console.

IoT Catalyst Digital Things encapsulated by Iot Catalyst Containers :
This is how your Digital Twins take birth !

Fully remotely managed

The IoT Catalyst Container is a fully remotely managed component. This means that everything you need for the creation, management, mount/unmount, start/stop, realtime monitoring and logging is available via the IoT Catalyst Studio web console.

Runs everywhere

Our proprietary, built-up from scratch, Container technology can run everywhere: Linux, Windows and MacOs, and we will soon deliver also a specific version for microcontrollores too!

Parallel execution

The IoT Catalyst SDK has been designed using an advanced multiprocess architecture. This means that each IoT Catalyst Container runs in parallel with all the other Containers, Tasks and Adapters inside the assigned IoT Catalyst Hypervisor. Moreover, the IoT Catalyst Adapters, that are the Catalyst components dedicated to the bidirectional communication with specific third-party IoT Platforms or legacy applications, run in parallel too.

Segregation of duty

Each IoT Catalyst Container encapsulates only one IoT Catalyst Digital Thing at the same time, thus it is fully dedicated to the interfacing of a single device. It runs in a dedicated process that uses a private signed certificates to connect securely to the IoT Catalyst Domain. It manages also all the IoT Catalyst Adapters, having exclusive access to them, in order to manage the communication with third-party IoT Platforms or legacy applications.

IoT Catalyst Container

The most effective way to give birth to your Digital Twins

IoT Catalyst Container Management View Single point of management of yours IoT Catalyst Containers

Thanks to the IoT Catalyst Studio it possible to have a single point of management of each IoT Catalyst Container. You can have a real time awareness of the status of each container (i.e. if it is running or not), start and stop it, or decide to unmount the Container for mounting it on another IoT Catalyst Hypervisor. Everything happens real time, having instant notifications of the result of every action performed.

Settings Management Set up you IoT Catalyst Container

It's a common scenario that an IoT driver can require specific settings in order to work properly. For instance, if we imagine a device that needs to be interfaced via a serial port, it's clear that it is necessary to give the right settings, in order to instruct the Container about which specific port should connect to and all the other related settings required (baudrate, parity etc.). IoT Catalyst Studio offers the chance to edit the start-up settings of the Container and to change them whenever it is necessary.

Realtime Insights See what your Container is doing

Every message sent or received by an IoT Catalyst Container is shown real time, reporting the id, the feature name, the actual value and the generation time.

Provisioning History View Monitor all the mount / unmount activities

Every mount and unmount operation is logged. You can check all the committed operation in order to have a complete control of your IoT Domain.

Connections View Monitor all the connections

Everytime an IoT Catalyst Container starts, it performs an handshake operation in order to be granted to access the IoT Catalyst Domain. Each connection is logged. You can check all the connections in order to have a complete control of your IoT Domain.

Remote Console Access Full bi-directional access to the IoT Catalyst Container's remote shell

Each IoT Catalyst Container is provided with a bidirectional real time command shell. That means that you will be able to access to the STDIN and STDOUT of the IoT Catalyst Container process even deep in the hosting network. For istance, it is possible to create an IoT catalyst Digital Thing that prompts the user to insert some data in order to produce datapoints, events or even action... Do you have ever heard something similar in other IoT Edge Computing technologies?