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IoT Catalyst Digital Thing

Our IoT Platform agnostic driver technology

Design universal IoT drivers for your devices and assets: generated code will be always yours!

The IoT Catalyst Digital Thing technology enables user to design universal IoT drivers: once a driver is created for a specific type of device, that device will be able to communicate not only with the IoT Catalyst domain, but also with third-party IoT Platforms and legacy application in a native way.

The idea behind the IoT Catalyst Digital Thing is quite simple : IoT Catalyst Studio helps users to write IoT drivers for interfacing their device in an IoT solution, in a totally decoupled way in respect of any other elements of the IoT stack. In the generated drivers there will be no trace of third-party APIs, even if the resulting Digital Twins will be capable to natively communicate to third party IoT Platforms or other legacy applications!

IoT Catalyst Digital Thing's main goal is to be focussed entirely on devices, in order to: describe a device via a bill of features (BOF), define and code the inner logic (i.e. the driver), required to talk with a specific family of devices, and define the main settings that will be injected runtime in the driver

The BOF is the collection of data, events and actions that a device is capable to manage, and represents the manifest used by the connected device to inform the whole IoT Domain about itself and about its capabilities

This is why we say that IoT Catalyst generates universal IoT drivers: there is no trace of IoT Platforms APIs in the generated code, so that you will have truly reusable drivers without vendor lock-in!

Reusable Know How

IoT Catalyst helps Companies extract value from POCs and completed projects, by enabling the learning by doing paradigm. The know-how is capitalized by the creation of a self-documented and reusable library of drivers leaving the exclusive ownership to the user.

Runs everywhere

Our proprietary, built-up from scratch Container technology, makes your drivers runnable everywhere: on Linux, Windows and MacOs, and we will soon deliver also a specific version for microcontrollores too!

Better Code

IoT Catalyst generates pre-tested, well structured IoT drivers in order to make the Digitization process faster, easier and more secure. The IoT Catalyst SDK works in stealth mode under the scene, leaving almost no traces in the generated code. Your IoT drivers will be simply better coded: highly decoupled, highly cohesive, multi-threaded ,remotely manageable and distributable.

Ligthning fast

Creating IoT Catalyst Digital Things for managing the interfacing of your devices is truly a matter of seconds using our embedded online templates. You can design drivers for RaspberryPis, Modbus RTU/TCP, SNMP, OPC, XML, CSV and more, with few clicks and almost no need for coding. But if you need to start from scratch or you want to modify the auto-generated code, you have in any case access to the source code and you can edit it from our web code editor or acessing directly the GIT repository from your preferred IDE.

Code Editor with Snippets!

IoT Catalyst Studio offers a versatile online code editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser.

During the Digital Thing design process, it is possible to have a preview of the source code (Python 3.5) of your driver and it is possible to modify the code immediately using the embedded web editor. Do you need to connect to a database, to generate random values, create loop and iteration, read I2C sensor, open a serial communication? Do not worry! These are only some of the code snippets we have provided our online editor with in order to give you an even easier and faster coding experience!

Native GIT support

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance. It outclasses SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase with features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows.

IoT Catalyst has ben designed with native support for GIT repositories: when you use the IoT Catalyst Studio to design a driver, a dedicated GIT repository will be automatically created and it will be accessible by the preferred IDEs of your developer team.

IoT Catalyst Digital Thing

The fastest and easiest way to create the DNA of your Digital Twins

FWD Edge IoT Gateway native support Design drivers for the FWD IoT Gateways
RaspberryPi native support Design drivers for the amazing RaspberryPi

Are you a fan (like us) of the amazing RaspberryPi's product family? Design specialized drivers in seconds using our dedicated Digital Thing designer and keep on creating even more amazing things with your RasperryPis!

Modbus RTU/TCP designer Industrial IoT made easy

Create drivers for industrial assets using the Modbus Device Digital Thing Designer. You can create drivers for both RTU and TCP Modbus devices. All the complexity is managed by the IoT Catalyst Studio. Industrial IoT has never been so easy!

XML, JSON, CSV Digital Thing designer Design driver capable of gathering information from XML, JSON, CSV files

There are same devices that expose datapoints and events natively in the XML, JSON or CSV format. This is why we have provided the Studio with a designer specific for interfacing this kind of devices.

Is the target XML / JSON / CSV resource available from a URL? Or is it in a local folder? Or does it requires an FTP connection? Do not worry, everything is managed by IoT Catalyst Studio comprising the polling logic required to get the target resource from the device.

Choose the desired retrieving technology, set up the polling time, browse the target file contents and structure and maps all the features (datapoints and events) using the file resource browser.