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IoT Catalyst Hypervisor

What IoT Catalyst Hypervisor Does

Take full control of your IoT Domain. From anywhere, whenever you need.

The Catalyst IoT Hypervisor is the core component of the edge computing technology of IoT Catalyst. Entirely written in python 3.4 runs on any Windows, Linux, MacOs device. IoT Catalyst Hypervisor transforms any device with computational capability, in an IoT Gateway to which devices, sensors and actuators can be attached.

Container Management

Each driver designed with the IoT Catalyst Studio can be sent in the form of a IoT Catalyst Container to any active IoT Catalyst Hypervisor.

Each individual IoT Catalyst Container is managed by the Catalyst Hypervisor independently, allowing customization of the settings, start and stop, but also remote mounting / unmounting.

For each container you can view its status, the messages exchanged with the clou and access to the two-way real time command console. You can use the console to issue windows / linux / macos commands to the box running the IoT Catalyst Hypervisor, gaining thus full control of your remote computaton box.

Task Management

Iot Catalyst Hypervisor has the ability to give execution to the tasks generated by the Studio. Similarly for the IoT Catalyst Containers, tasks can also be dispatched individually to the target IoT Catalyst Hypervisors.

The Catalyst Hypervisor is equipped with a local-processing technology that avoids unnecessary round trips between devices and the cloud: if a task to work requires only devices connected to the same Hypervisor it is running on, the task runs on the edge without needing to connect to the cloud.

This way, in addiction to saving time and resources, the execution of mission-critical tasks is assured even in case of absence of connection with the IoT Catalyst server.


IoT Catalyst provides security by defining and implementing security policies at the single-device-managed level.

All communications take place on a TLS encrypted channel.

Each Hypervisor, Container, Task is provided with a private client certificate, endorsing security at the highest level.

SCADA, BMS bridge

The Catalyst Hypervisor has a special capability: it is a full compliant MODBUS RTU / TCP slave device that can be thus queried by any SCADA and BMS systems.

This means that every device is managed by the IoT Catalyst Hypervisor will be immediately integrated into your SCADA / BMS system.

This way it will be possible to converge securely the IoT and SCADA / BMS systems , in ultra-fast times and at extremely low costs.

IoT Catalyst Technology

The Edge Computing technology to manage your Digital Twins

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Hypervisor Monitor Real time monitor of the main KPI of each running IoT Catalyst Hypervisor

Thanks to the IoT Catalyst Studio it's possible to monitor the main KPI of each managed Catalyst Hypervisor. Check the component availability, the PID, the RAM consumption and DISK space. You can also start and stop the service in order to apply system changes.

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Containers View Check the IoT Catalyst Containers deployed to the Hypervisor

You can check which Containers are running on the Catalyst Hypervisor, click on a specific IoT Catalyst Container to jump in its details's view. You can also mount or unmount the IoT Catalyst Container from the same management page.

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Containers' provisioning history log Track the mount / unmount operations

All the mount/unmount activities are logged. This way you can track every single operation in order to have full control of your IoT Domain.

Hypervisor's connection log Track the connections of the IoT Catalyst Hypervisor

Every time an IoT Catalyst Hypervisor connects to the IoT Domain, the related event is logged. You can check the IoT Catalyst Passport used in the handshaking phase, the referral IP of the IoT Catalyst Hypervisor and the result of the connect operation.

Hypervisor Access the management console, from everywhere.

You can access STDIN and STOUT of each running IoT Catalyst Hypervisor, without worrying about the network configuration (ip addressing, firewalls, subnets etc). Even in case of NAT devices. You will be always capable of accessing the console to issue windows / linux / macos commands to the box running the IoT Hypervisor, gaining full control of your remote computation devices.

Hypervisor Manage logs and log level

From the management console, it is possible to have access to the IoT Catalyst Hypervisor's real time logs. If needed, it's possible also to set the log level real time.