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IoT Catalyst is a software suite that makes IoT integration simpler and more effective by moving its logic on the edge and managing its entire life cycle through a common browser

What IoT Catalyst Does

IoT Catalyst helps you to design, implement, protect and manage the IoT integration logic, with a state-of-the-art editor that allows fast and secure integration of any sensor, device, PLC to any application or IoT Platform.

Open Ecosystem

IoT Catalyst helps to standardize the communication between “things” and any IoT Platform, giving the chance to create a fast-growing public/private/cooperative ecosystem of supported device. Users can easily create, populate and manage their IoT Domain in an independent way in respect of any IoT Platform. IoT Catalyst manages the IoT avoiding the risk of over-dependence on IoT tech providers, because it decouples the concept of IoT Domain and IoT Platform.

Platform Independence

IoT Catalyst has been designed to manage IoT Domains in a total independent way in respect of the IoT Platform implementation. Decouple your IoT Domain from any specific IoT Platform technology. Provision your device with one-click to any IoT Platform. No IoT Platform-specific competences are needed. Choose your IoT platform taking your time with no anxiety. If your needs change, you will be free to change anytime the IoT Platform saving your investment.

Digital Twin Designers

A «Digital Twin» is the digital replica of a physical asset, process, system etc. The creation of Digital Twin is totally managed by IoT Catalyst Studio, using a fast and simple web interface that guides the user in every step of the Digital Twin definition. Designing a Digital Twin requires no user code and keeps the generated Digital Twin totally invariant in respect of the IoT Platform(s) that will be actually chosen by the user.

Edge Computing Technology

Implementing an edge computing technology simplify the management, reduces latency and makes connected applications more responsive and robust. Design your device-specific driver in the cloud, "containerize" the driver and disptach it to the IoT Gateway the device is connected to. In seconds your device will start sending data and events and receiving action requests.

Policy Enforcement Point

The adoption of an IoT Platform requires particular attention in order to define security policies, to adopt them and to assure the actual compliance. Almost every IoT Platform in the market, offers different ways to manage security issues, leaving the «final word» to the developer. IT Managers of complex organizations need support in order to control that internal developers and suppliers deliver compliant IoT solutions.

Quality Enforcement Point

IoT Catalyst generates pre-tested, well structured code-templates in order to make the Digitization process faster and easier. The IoT Catalyst SDK works in stealth mode behind the scene leaving almost no traces in user code but enforcing the quality of the overall solution even when different actors cooperate in the custom-code generation (custom code is often needed when dealing with “devices”).

Our Technologies

A complete Suite for managing the Iot Integration

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IoT Catalyst Studio Design and mantain your IoT Domain more...

It is the web application that helps the user creating his own IoT Domain via a digitization process, creating digital twins of things and integrating them in specific business rules (tasks).

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IoT Catalyst Digital Thing Prepare for cloning your assets into their Digital Twins more...

A «Digital Twin» is the digital replica of a physical asset, process, system etc. The creation of Digital Twin is totally managed by IoT Catalyst Studio, using a fast and simple web interface that guides the user in every step of the Digital Twin definition.

The definition of a Digital Twin comprises: A Bill Of Features, a settings file and the device-specific Driver: these are the core resources managed by the IoT Catalyst Digital Thing.

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IoT Catalyst Container Give birth to your Digital Twins more...

The IoT Catalyst container is the software component that gives birth to your digital twins in a standardized, consistent and coherent way. It is a fully managed component totally independent in respect of the chosen IoT Platform

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IoT Catalyst Hypervisor Manage everything from everywhere more...

The IoT Catalyst Hypervisor is the software technology dedicated to the automatic remote deployment, execution management and IoT Platforms integration of the IoT Catalyst Containers.

Digital Twin Designers

Create your Digital Twins in seconds for a wide range of device types

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